Solar pool heating in Malaga

calentar la piscina con energia solar

In Malaga we enjoy a large number of hours of sunshine per year. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but you can heat your pool with solar energy and save a lot of money on electricity.

Solar thermal panels can be used to heat the water used in the kitchen or bathroom, to heat the different rooms by means of radiators or underfloor heating and, as explained below, to heat the water in the swimming pool.

In the past, having a heated swimming pool was a luxury available to very few. It involved such high electricity costs that it was hardly ever used. Now, however, thanks to renewable energies, many more homeowners can enjoy this luxury without major worries.

Solar panels to heat the swimming pool

Although most of the installations of solar thermal panels that we carry out in Mijas, Marbella or Estepona are for sanitary use or heating in the home, the truth is that this type of solar panels can also be used to heat the pool water and extend the bathing season.

If the pool is outdoor we can gain two or three months of bathing season. But if it is an indoor pool or a pool with an enclosure, we can enjoy it all year round without increasing electricity costs.

Solar thermal energy is an inexhaustible and free resource (at least for now). At Climanova we carry out a study according to your needs and adapt the installation to your home. You only have to call us and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

How much does a solar thermal system cost?

At Climanova we are experts in renewable energy installations such as solar thermal panels or air source heat pumps. Both systems are considered renewable energy and achieve great savings in electricity consumption.

Naturally, such systems require an initial investment. Taking into account your usual expenditure, we can make an accurate estimate of when the investment will have paid for itself, taking into account maintenance costs.

This amortisation depends on the characteristics of the system and the hours of sunshine it can enjoy. The measure is usually around 5 years, and the useful life of the installation is usually around 20 years.

Since the change of regulations in 2006, in which any new construction or renovation of a house must have solar panels to heat the water, it is common to install solar thermal packages of around 1000 to 1500 euros with more than one application, i.e. for running water, heating and even swimming pool.

The best way to find out if you have any doubts is to send us the contact form at the end of the article explaining your project or simply call us and we will inform you without obligation.

How the system for heating pool water works

The system for heating the pool water with solar energy requires several elements:

  • Solar panels: these panels will capture the solar energy that we then transfer to the cold water.
  • Electric pump: this is a motor that pumps the pool water to circulate it to the heating system where it will be raised to the desired temperature.
  • Piping system: of course we will need a connection between the clean water return from the pool and the heating system, so that the water can be diverted to the heating system.
  • Automatic control systems: now that the costs are already high and for greater comfort, many owners choose to install systems that automatically control the water temperature, pH levels, disinfectant and even allow remote control from a mobile phone or any device connected to the local network or the Internet.

Many sports centres, hotels and spas now have such facilities. If you have a pool, why not enjoy it yourself? It probably costs a lot less than you think.

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