Air conditioning installer in Marbella

Climanova is an air conditioning installer in Marbella. Our company has been installing equipment of the best brands on the Costa del Sol for more than 15 years. We work for individuals and companies who want to air-condition all types of rooms in homes, businesses, offices, warehouses, among others.(more…)

Air conditioning on the Costa del Sol

The air conditioning systems on the Costa del Sol that we work with, thanks to their design, advanced features and multiple operating modes, reach consumption levels much lower than other brands. This translates into maximum comfort with minimum power consumption. (more…)

Heat pump to enjoy underfloor heating

Heat pump for underfloor heating is one of the best heating systems for the home. It allows great savings in electricity consumption and provides greater comfort. Below we explain what aerothermal energy is and the advantages when it is combined with a radiant floor system.(more…)

Heat pump heating in Marbella

Climanova carries out heat pump heating installations in Marbella. We bet on the best brands: Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi. You can contact us for information or a quote. Below we explain some keys about this great technology for home climatization.(more…)

Heating swimming pools in Marbella

The Documento Básico HE on energy saving refers to the heating of new indoor pools, existing indoor pools in which the thermal installation is renewed and existing outdoor pools that become indoor. This Spanish regulation dedicated to energy efficiency forbids heating swimming pools if they are not with renewable energy sources.(more…)