Solar thermal panels for heating

Solar thermal panels provide hot water in an economical and environmentally friendly way for homes, businesses and offices. Thanks to the number of hours of sunshine we have in Malaga throughout the year, we obtain abundant energy for heating and hot water.


Low temperature radiators

Low-temperature radiators provide efficient and more comfortable heating. Although they operate for longer hours, they consume much less energy and allow you to keep your home warm throughout the autumn and winter.


Home automation to control heating

Home automation is a technology that allows to increase comfort and energy efficiency in the home. When we talk about using home automation to control heating, we mean being able to remotely control and even automate the heating system to save time, gain comfort and reduce the electricity bill. (more…)

Radiator installation for heating in Marbella

Radiator installation for heating is one of the most effective solutions for not being cold. In Malaga we have humid winters due to our proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the thermal sensation much colder. Let’s see which are the most modern solutions to improve the comfort without the uncontrolled consumption of gas or electricity. (more…)

Heat pump heating in Marbella

Climanova carries out heat pump heating installations in Marbella. We bet on the best brands: Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi. You can contact us for information or a quote. Below we explain some keys about this great technology for home climatization.