Air Conditioning

The air conditioning systems have been optimized with the aim of being able to provide the user with better service and performance. These are very efficient and very silent, that why we work with pioneering air conditioning brands.

The wide variety currently offered by the market, allows us to find the best system that better suit for our clients, along with the extensive experience offered by more than 14 years dedicated to these types of installations, maintenances and repairs.

New advantages of air conditioning

Today air conditioning systems can have many other advantages that we may not yet know, such as the control of the start-up and control of our equipment via mobile or tables, in this way when you get home or to your business you can have the comfort temperature required of the equipment.

Another great advantage to note is that many of the air conditioning and heat pump equipment that we install come with electrostatically atomized water particle filters that have some benefits that go from helping to inhibit certain viruses, bacteria, mold and allergens, but also to moisturize the skin and the eyes.

Below you can see examples of different air conditioning installations that we have carried out in Marbella, San Pedro del Alcántara, Estepona, Mijas Costa and other nearby towns.


Split air conditioning systems with heat pump facilitate the possibility of air conditioning individual rooms for homes, offices, shops … without the need for works.

Some of these air conditioning systems come with multi-stage filtrations such as for dust, pollen, allergens … and almost all today offer us the possibility of online control to be able to control the temperature of that room from anywhere with internet access.

Several of our brands give us the possibility of being able to install the indoor units in three colors, either White, silver or black, adapting to the decoration of the room or the interior design.


This air conditioning system with heat pump allows us to air-condition different rooms in our home or business with a single outdoor unit.

These are more discreet than conventional system with several units on terraces or balconies where there is hardly any space.

The great advantages that this Multi Split air conditioning offers us less maintenance since it only has one outdoor unit, and its great possibility of combining with different types of indoor units (as shown in the image), easily adapting to the architecture of home or business.

In some brands the only outdoor unit can even work with eight indoor units at the same time. (8×1).


With this air conditioning system it is characterized because it has both installation possibilities either on the floor or on the ceiling. The floor unit has a compact design that makes it a benchmark in the market.

Thanks to its design it is ideal for air conditioning living rooms and bedrooms with little wall surface, adapting perfectly to the needs of each one. In addition, its small dimensions and attractive aesthetics allow easy integration in any corner of the home. (ideal to use in Heating).



The ducted air conditioning system with heat pump which its peculiarity is the discreet air conditioned comfort of our home or business, thus adapting to any interior design.

Its ability to air conditioning different rooms through a network of ducts hidden in the aesthetics of the building or home and its low noise level in the installation make this system one of the most widely used today in the costa del sol.

This system can be coupled to an Airzone system with which we can have different temperatures in each of the rooms or even have one of the rooms turned off if not in use, with which we will achieve energy savings.


The ceiling mounted air conditioning with heat pump is ideal for air conditioning offices, commercial premises and open rooms. Due to its design it allows an air conditioning distribution by its 4 ways air flow, or in its most recent designs lately the indoor units can be totally adapted with their circular design (see photo) to the design of the premises or building.

This range also includes fully adaptable ceiling units for modular ceiling systems measuring 600 x 600mm in the ceiling, removing a modular ceiling plate and installing a ceiling air conditioning system.

cassette samsung


This air conditioning system is designed mainly for commercial premises, shops with high ceilings or without ceilings, with this system large rooms can be used without the need to just carry out works and without affecting the aesthetics of a local store.

They stand out for their low noise level despite the great power of cold or heat that it contributes to the premises or store, they also have a high-efficiency and long-lasting filter that reduces maintenance.


The acronym VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume.

With this air conditioning system, any building or house can be air-conditioned, no matter how large it is, with which we can produce both hot and cold air to supply air-condition rooms, Domestic hot water (showers …) and hot and cold water for air-conditioning or heating systems. such as underfloor heating or radiators.

These are mostly marketed for medium to large-size housing facilities or for medium or large commercial use.

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