Home automation to control heating

Domótica para controlar la calefacción

Home automation is a technology that allows to increase comfort and energy efficiency in the home. When we talk about using home automation to control heating, we mean being able to remotely control and even automate the heating system to save time, gain comfort and reduce the electricity bill.

We live in a time in history in which it is a trend to automate simple or routine processes. Because today’s technology allows it and at a low cost. Whether through mobile devices or conversing with voice assistants, what a few years ago would have been the long-term future, is now here to stay.

In the autumn months and especially in winter, heating is a fundamental element in any home. Although we are in Malaga, it is already known that many homes do not enjoy a good thermal insulation. So the consumption of heating can be a considerable part of the electricity bill.

A home automation heating system can help to reduce consumption significantly.

Benefits of home automation for heating control

Most current heating systems already allow to program the days and hours of operation. This is the starting point of a home automation system, i.e. the most basic is a time scheduling, let’s see what else it can offer:

  1. Greater comfort, because when we use home automation to control the heating we can do it from the sofa, from the car on the way home or before leaving work or the gym. Total control from anywhere through any device connected to the Internet.
  2. Zoning, is a word that refers to the possibility of controlling the temperature of each zone or room of the house independently. If there is a guest room or a room where there is no one, we can tell the system not to heat it. No more going around the house opening and closing faucets to regulate the temperature.
  3. Efficient hourly programming, i.e., instead of turning the heating on full blast every time we get home, we can program the system to maintain a low temperature when there is no one at home, about 15º for example, and then go up to 21º when we return. In this way the effort and consumption is less to reach the ideal temperature.
  4. Intelligent systems, would be the next step, we refer to implement detectors, whether temperature or window opening for example, so depending on the temperature of the room or actions the heating system is turned off or on to save energy. Because home automation is much more than programming schedules or execute action through a voice assistant.
  5. Efficient and ecological systems, in our experience the incorporation of aerothermal heat pumps to heat the home through underfloor heating or low temperature radiators in the long run offer considerable energy savings. These modern renewable energy systems contribute to reduce pollution and when controlled by home automation systems can squeeze their full potential.

Ecology and sustainability are fashionable, but it is probably a trend that is going to settle down. Society, and especially the new generations, have a greater awareness of respect for the environment and responsible attitudes that help take care of the planet. Therefore, we are heading towards a future where home automation with intelligent, highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems will predominate.

Heating automation

To automate home heating, it will be necessary to have equipment capable of connecting through the local network, Wi-Fi or other protocols such as Z-Wave or Zigbee. This way we will be able to manage them remotely and coordinate with other equipment to achieve a smart home.

These systems can turn on or off heating equipment such as boilers or heat pumps, as well as configure the different parameters offered by each manufacturer, read the data provided by thermostats, temperature or humidity probes and a series of other elements that allow the smart home decision system to become more sophisticated.

For smaller budgets there are devices that allow to “modernize” some heating or air conditioning systems. In other words, they avoid having to change the entire installation by providing the system with a remote connection through the local network or the Internet. Thus the user can take his first steps in the world of home automation.

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