Installation of air source heat pump radiators in Malaga

In Malaga the winter is short but intense, the humidity makes the wind chill much lower than the real temperature. The ideal is to have a modern and efficient heating system, one of the best options nowadays is a air source heat pump radiators installation.

These radiators are similar to the conventional ones but have more attractive and innovative designs. Now many owners when they carry out a reform or rehabilitation look for design radiators to achieve a better result.

There are horizontal and vertical radiators, or for example very practical towel rail radiators that also keep the towels dry and warm.

How air source heat pump radiators work

The air source heat pump radiator system has a closed circuit of pipes through which hot water is circulated by the heat pump. These pipes reach all the rooms that we want to heat by means of radiators. Any area such as bedrooms, corridors, living rooms or bathrooms can enjoy a pleasant temperature.

This heating system is slightly different from the conventional one since 100% of the heat is produced by convection, that is to say by the difference in temperature between the metal of the radiator and the room temperature.

In terms of performance, they offer the same features but without the need to heat the water in their pipes beyond 35° or 45°. This great advantage will naturally reduce the electricity bill considerably.

Can I use traditional radiators with a heat pump system?

It should be noted that it is possible to implement a heat pump system with conventional radiators. That is, in theory it is not necessary to replace the old radiators. However, until we make an evaluation of the current installation it is difficult to know for sure if it is necessary to modify the radiators or even the pipe installation.

Naturally, low-temperature radiators designed specifically for this technology are much more efficient. But if we do not want to make this investment, there are air source heat pumps prepared to reach a higher water supply temperature that work perfectly with conventional radiators.

A conventional radiator works with temperatures that double the range of a low temperature radiator. Its operation is based on emitting large amounts of heat to heat a room. On the other hand, a low temperature radiator has a heat exchanger inside. The idea is that the cold air enters through the lower part, the exchanger heats it and it ascends escaping through the upper grill.

Dynamic low temperature radiators

Low temperature radiators are usually larger than the old ones. However, if the customer requires it or there is not enough space, there is more sophisticated equipment that offers a higher performance in more compact dimensions.

To increase the air flow the radiator can be equipped with a small fan, these equipments are called dynamic low temperature radiators.

The interesting thing is that this system can work in an intelligent way. That is, the fan will start automatically only when there is a high demand for heat. In this way, we avoid wasting energy unnecessarily.

Heat pump with radiators or underfloor heating?

This is a question often asked by customers who want to enjoy this technology but without doing a big job. The heat pump radiant floor provides a high level of comfort at home with an excellent performance. It is our recommendation for a new construction, but when it is a rehabilitation some owners end up choosing radiators to reduce costs.

Technically the combination of heat pump and floor heating is the most efficient option. This is because although it works at low temperature (between 35° and 45°) it covers the whole floor surface of the house. On the other hand, a radiator has a smaller emission surface and its distribution is more irregular. This will probably force the heat pump to operate at a higher temperature.

Nevertheless, in our opinion the air source heat pump with radiators is a very valid solution for any residence in Malaga. Without a doubt it is a good alternative to underfloor heating and we avoid all the hassle of installation. We simply have to install some low temperature radiators and a heat pump to start enjoying heating with renewable energy.

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If you want to equip your home with this technology, ask for an estimate without obligation. Simply call us or schedule an appointment at your home, tell us what you need, we will make the necessary calculations and give you a price for air source heat pump radiators.

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