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In recent years, air source heat pump has become an innovative and efficient energy. It consists of taking advantage of the energy of the outside air to use it as renewable energy that allows to air-condition a house or business. We see two major advantages for the user and sustainability: first, 80% of the energy used is extracted naturally, without harmful effects to the environment and being purely renewable, causing only 20% of electricity expenditure; second, by using the free energy contained in the air, the user experiences great savings in their electricity bill, limiting the cost only to the small percentage of electricity and the recovery of the initial investment quickly.

Unlike systems that use gas oil or electricity in its entirety, air source heat pump allows us to save around 50% in the use of these energies, betting on a much more ecological and equally effective solution. With this technology we can obtain air conditioning, hot water for heating and sanitary hot water. All in one to feel comfortable in our homes 365 days a year, and also with a system that works through renewable energy with all the environmental advantages that this entails.

Benefits of air source heat pump over other systems

Air-to-water heat pumps are heat generators that do not use fossil energy, but recover energy from the air, a renewable energy source recognized by the European Directive 2009/28. These systems consist of a heat pump installed outside a home, which absorbs the energy contained in the air, and a hydraulic module whose mission is to transfer to the heating circuit all the energy recovered by the heat pump.

As air source heat pump uses air as a source of energy, a free renewable energy available 24 hours a day, its advantages over other traditional systems, such as biomass or diesel, are very significant.

  1. Less maintenance than other traditional systems
    The equipment with air-water heat pumps lack of combustion, so there is no type of waste during operation that requires cleaning operations.
  2. Simple installation
    These units occupy the same space or less than another type of conventional natural gas or diesel installation, but with the great advantage that no fuel storage tank is required. In addition to being applicable in a wide range of indoor units, such as conventional radiators, low temperature or underfloor heating, it allows to have air conditioning, heating, and sanitary hot water through a single system.
  3. Safety for the family
    By not having a fuel storage tank such as gas, diesel or biomass, the risk of suffering some type of related domestic accident is zero. In addition, there are no polluting or harmful emissions to health in the home itself, at the same time that it contributes greatly to environmental sustainability.
  4. There is no dependence on fossil fuels
    The heat pump, in addition to using air as the main source, is powered only by electricity. In contrast, other types of traditional systems, in addition to using electricity such as the heat pumps, are totally dependent on a second source of energy such as diesel, biomass or gas. In addition, heat pumps have excellent performance even at extreme outside temperatures.
  5. Does not require installation of exhaust smoke pipe
    Air to water Heat Pumps system does not require any gas evacuation duct; In this way, no chimney is required on the facade or roof of the house.
  6. A single heat generator for the use of several systems
    It is one of the keys for the air to water heat pumps; a single generator for three types of applications: domestic hot water, heating and air conditioning. This clearly leads to a simplicity of installation and a reduction in maintenance costs and the number of equipment and systems to condition a home or business.
  7. Perfect adaptation to the power required by the installation
    Thanks to the technology, reversing the compressors of the current heat pumps have a wide range of modulation, being able to work from 8% to 100% of their capacity. At the level of energy efficiency, it is essential that a heat generator supplies the power needed by the installation at all times.
  8. Performance up to 400%
    Although performance exceeds 100%, the instantaneous performance of a heat pump, in
    heating mode, is measured by the COP (coefficient of performance). These values ​​are very high, even that they exceed 100% of the performance. As an example, a COP with a value of 3 is equivalent to a provide 300% of performance, that means, that for 3 kW produced only pay for 1 kW, and 2 kW are paid for free (energy taken from the outside air). This is because there is a recovery of outside energy that is free. Heat pumps can even offer a COP of 5.2. On the other hand, in a condensing gas boiler (the most efficient in the market), since this energy recovery does not exist, the performance will never exceed 110%.
  9. Adaptation of the supply temperature water according to the outside temperature
    The air to water heat pumps can be configured in many internal parameters, but one of them is the self-adaptation to your work to define the water production temperature for the heating mode according to the outside temperature at each moment, this makes the system work at a lower temperature so in this way the performance (COP) increases, therefore decreases your electricity bill and create a better comfort.
Heat pump Ecodan
Heat pump Daikin Altherma
Instalación de aerotermia

Mitsubishi Ecodan

Ecodan is a high efficiency heating, cooling and domestic hot water system based on a air to water heat pump. Ecodan transports the free thermal energy that exists in the outside air (no matter how cold it is) to the inside of the house, which provides us a quantity of free energy from outside, transporting it to our heating system, hot water tank or cooling system. All this with a significant energy saving compared to other conventional heating systems.

Within Mitsubishi ECODAN there are 3 different systems to perform the installation depending on your needs:

  1. Heating only systems: these systems, like all Ecodan systems, allow us to provide heating and sanitary hot water with a high performance, either medium or low temperature, this system is available in 100% hydraulic connections.
  2. Ecodan reversible: this system, like the previous one, provides us with the possibility of air conditioning the house with our air conditioning system by fan coils or underfloor cooling.
  3. Ecodan hybrid: with the hybrid ecodan and its built-in heat recovery system it also provides water heating and direct expansion cooling recovers the heat in the domestic hot water tank this providing domestic hot water for free, just with a only one equipment for everything. This system is designed for homes up to 100m2 with an installation of air conditioning ducts.
Diseño Ecodan
Ecodan Mitsubishi Electric

Panasonic Aquarea

The Panasonic aquarea heat pump provides us with exceptional comfort with minimum
electrical consumption since this system consists in extracting the thermal energy from the outside air and transporting it to the interior of our house at the lowest possible cost.

Panasonic has been providing products with low power consumption for years, which gives us confidence, guarantee and a wide range of possibilities to find the best solution for our customers with air to water heat pumps systems whether heating, air conditioning or domestic hot water production.

  • Aquarea high performance: this heat pump is available in bi-block, Monoblock and all in one model.
  • All in one: Ideal for small spaces, this system produces hot / cold water and stores 200L of domestic hot water in a stainless-steel tank.
  • Mono-block: A unit on the outside 100% hydraulic. The installation does not need an indoor unit, only a connection to the heating and / or hot water tank.
  • Bi-block: The system (separate indoor and outdoor units) is connected to the heating system or the hot water system, adapting to any home.
  • Aquarea T-CAP: this heat pump provides us with heating, cooling by fan coils or refreshing floors and A.C.S. with performance as the high-performance system but is adapted to very low outside temperatures (-20ºC) so in our work area (Marbella, Mijas, Puerto Banus, Sotogrande, Cala de Mijas) is not really applicable.
  • Aquarea HT: this heat pump is available in bi-block and mono-block formats and we provide sanitary hot water and heating by old radiators, this system is mostly designed for old heating systems that do not want to replace the iron radiator system traditional cast With aquarea you will get rid of your old boiler and replace it without changing the radiator system or pipes.
  • Aquarea DHW: domestic hot water tank warming up the water. (up to 50% of saving energy compare with electrical boiler). The pump is mounted on the storage tank and extracts energy from the ambient air, using this extra energy to heat the water up to 55 ° C, this is the easiest way to replace an electric household thermos using heat pump without outdoor unit, only with a ventilation pipe to the outside of just 100mm diameter. The heat pump is one of the most efficient and economical methods to heat up water.agua.
Panasonic Aquarea
Panasonic Aquarea

Daikin Altherma

Daikin Altherma is a highly flexible, energy efficient home heating system developed to provide homes with a total heating, cooling and domestic hot water solution. With rising energy costs and high environmental impact, with the compatibility with solar energy if is required.

This system works just like any other heat pump, drawing free energy from the outside air to heat or cool our house or business to a comfortable temperature. Daikin Altherma can be connected to both low-temperature radiators, underfloor heating or fan coil air conditioning. (See photo)

Within this complete system it has two variants, split system (Bi-bloc) or compact system (Mono-bloc), to adapt to the needs of each home.

Daikin Altherma All in one: Ideal for small spaces, this system produces hot / cold water to use for air conditioning or heating, also domestic hot water integrated which stores 180 liters or the option of 230 liters in a stainless-steel tank made with the highest quality.

Daikin Altherma Mono-bloc: A 100% hydraulic outdoor unit. The installation does not need an indoor unit, but only a connection to the heating and / or to the hot water tank.

Daikin Altherma Bi-bloc: The system (separate indoor and outdoor units), connects to the heating or hot water system, adapting to any home.

Heat pump for domestic hot water: This heat pump is designed only for the production of domestic hot water. (A.C.S.) with a high performance compared to any other water heating system, whether it is boiler or thermoelectric. It has accumulation of 200l, 260l, 300l and 500 liters and can be combined with each other, adapting to any need

Daikin altherma HT: this heat pump is available in the bi-bloc format, they provide us with domestic hot water and radiator heating, this heat pump is mainly designed for older heating systems that do not want to replace the traditional cast iron radiator system. With Daikin altherma HT you will be able to get rid of your old boiler and replace it without having to change the radiator or piping system, adapting your heating system into an efficient system. Daikin altherma HT is characterized by its ability to raise the water temperature to 80ºC without the need of electrical heaters making it unique on the market. (possibility of producing domestic hot water)

With this application, Daikin leads the growing market in advanced low temperature heating solutions.

Aerotermia Daikin Altherma en Malaga
Heat pump Daikin Altherma
Heat pump Altherma

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