How to improve air quality at home

In our daily routine, between home and work, we spend most of our time indoors. While we worry about air quality in our cities, we often overlook the impact of indoor air quality on our health. Improving air quality at home or at work is not simply a convenience, it is an absolute necessity for physical and mental well-being.


Controlled mechanical ventilation in single-family houses

Ventilation is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in a home. Lack of ventilation can lead to a number of health problems as well as problems for the structure of the home. At Climanova we have extensive experience installing controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) equipment in single-family homes in Marbella, Estepona and Mijas Costa.

Natural ventilation by opening the windows wide is great, but it is not always ideal. When there are people at home who are allergic to dust, pollen or other substances, it is best to control the air quality. In addition, these systems are very useful for reducing humidity in rooms such as basements, utility rooms, kitchens or bathrooms.


Ventilation system and heat recovery

If you need a ventilation system for your home or business in Malaga, Climanova can advise you, carry out a complete study and install the equipment you need. We can also complete it with a heat recovery system to increase the level of energy efficiency. (more…)