Heating swimming pools in Marbella

climatizacion de piscinas en marbella

The Documento Básico HE on energy saving refers to the heating of new indoor pools, existing indoor pools in which the thermal installation is renewed and existing outdoor pools that become indoor. This Spanish regulation dedicated to energy efficiency forbids heating swimming pools if they are not with renewable energy sources.

It is mandatory the use of solar energy with a contribution between 30% and 70% (depending on the climate zone we find). Together with solar thermal panels, the ideal complement for heating swimming pools in Marbella is a heat pump. These systems are capable of capturing most of the energy from the outside air.

Of course we can freely consult the basic document published by the Ministry of Public Works. In section HE 4 Minimum solar contribution of sanitary hot water. Its main objectives in this sense are that in those buildings where a demand for sanitary hot water or indoor pool heating is foreseen, a part of the thermal energy needs derived from that demand will be covered by means of the incorporation in the same of systems for capturing, storing and using low temperature solar energy, appropriate to the global solar radiation of its location and to the demand for hot water from the building or pool.

Heat pump and other alternatives in swimming pool heating in Marbella

The minimum solar contribution for domestic hot water and/or indoor pool heating may be partially or totally replaced. In order to achieve this objective, it is possible to opt for other renewable energies, cogeneration processes or residual energy sources from the installation of heat recuperators outside the building’s own thermal installation; either carried out in the building itself or through the connection to an urban heating network.

In Climanova we have extensive experience in the installation of heat pump systems in Marbella. This renewable energy source works thanks to a heat pump that captures heat from the ambient air. With the temperatures we have in Malaga this type of system works perfectly. In fact they can be used as a total or partial alternative to an installation of solar thermal panels.

If you need to install or adapt your systems to the regulations, do not hesitate to contact Climanova. We can advise you on the installation of the most efficient systems so that you can recover your investment in the shortest possible time.

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