Ducted heating in Marbella

Calefacción por conductos en Marbella

Climanova installs ducted heating in Marbella. We have a team of experienced professionals and we work with the best brands to offer the highest quality and the best guarantees.

Ducted systems are a wonderful option for the air conditioning of homes, offices and other businesses. When you enter an air-conditioned room with these systems, it feels as if there is no heating or air conditioning, yet you still enjoy a pleasant temperature.

Thanks to the ducts, there is no need for a wall-mounted split system or radiators. The conditioned air is distributed through the ducts to any point. The entire installation is hidden in the ceiling and at the most we see a grille and a remote control on the wall to set the air conditioning.

Another great advantage is that we reduce noise, because the heating will be centralised in an indoor unit installed in an isolated point of the house, such as the bathroom ceiling, which also facilitates maintenance and any repairs.

Ducted air conditioning and heating

These systems are valid in both summer and winter. We will be able to keep key rooms such as bedrooms cool when it gets hot in July and August, and we will be able to increase the temperature a few degrees in winter to be comfortable.

No noise, no unpleasant draughts and you can easily control the temperature in each room with an airzone system.

Because one of the most demanded options is zoned ducted air conditioning, that is, the customer can freely set the temperature in each room of the house, and even “turn off” the empty rooms.

This is possible because each room has a motorised grille. Once the desired temperature is reached, the air flow is cut off and when necessary it is automatically reopened.

The more expensive electricity is, the more important it is for the customer to be able to configure his heating efficiently, being able to switch off those rooms that are not being used or where nobody is going to be.

In addition, this technology is very convenient because it can be managed from the mobile phone via an application. This way we can anticipate our arrival home or, if we have left it on by mistake, we can switch it off from the mobile phone.

Calefacción por conductos en MarbellaDucted heating opinions

The feedback from our customers once they start enjoying ducted heating is very positive. Especially those who have been with split or radiators all their lives. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most requested options today.

If your home or business has the pre-installation do not hesitate, and if it does not, consult us, depending on the height of the ceiling it may be feasible to carry out a reform to implement a duct system.

The price of ducted heating will depend on several factors, firstly if the client already has the pre-installation done will save a lot. Then it will be necessary to take into account the number of machines needed depending on the square metres to be heated.

Our recommendation is that you contact us, if possible fill in the form below to have enough information to prepare a customised quotation.

Ducted heating, underfloor heating or radiators?

We have discussed this throughout the article. In short, ducts are aesthetically more discreet than radiators, but underfloor heating is also a very good option. It depends on the customer’s budget and preferences.

Some customers prefer ducted heating because it allows for air treatment. People with allergies, respiratory problems and in general, after the COVID-19 pandemic, people value equipment with anti-bacterial and anti-odour filters.

Heat pump heating and underfloor heating in Marbella is one of our specialities, in these cases instead of using the ceilings, we install the heating under the floor. It is a technology that has improved a lot and provides excellent air conditioning in both summer and winter.

Ducted air is very common in new construction, homes such as flats or townhouses usually come with a pre-installation that makes things easier. Underfloor heating is more common in new build homes or where a renovation is going to be carried out that includes changing the floor.

At Climanova we are specialists in ducted heating, as well as in the installation of low temperature radiators and underfloor heating. All of them are heating systems that can be connected to a heat pump. Our recommendation is to choose a heat pump heating in order to be able to air-condition the house without increasing the electricity consumption.

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