The climate is changing. Every day, we see and hear news about climate change. In Climanova as far as possible, we look for heating solutions with high yields and energy classes A+, A++ and A+++.

These systems are characterized by using energy that contains the outside air, however through a process you can transfer it to the water to use it either for domestic hot water or to heat up your home or business.

Even more, systems can also provide cold water so that with the same system in your home or business you can get hot water, heating and air conditioning.

Low temperature radiators

Radiator heating systems are one of the most used systems in our country. For several reasons, we must not forget that water radiators are a heat solution for your home of high quality, elegant design and offers a comfortable and homogeneous heat. The water radiators are a fixed heating system that is installed as a complement to those homes that have gas boiler or diesel to heat the home, however, today with the new technology of low temperature radiators (fan convectors) together with the heating systems that we work has become the most efficient systems on the market.

These fan convectors work with water just like fancoils but beyond a simple fancoil these have other advantages:

  • If connected to a heat pump system they can provide both heating and air conditioning.
  • We save energy because we do not have to heat the water to more than 45 º C compared to 60 º C for an aluminum radiator.
  • They have a very compact design, providing double the calorific power in front of an aluminium radiator.
  • Many models have built-in remote control which allows us an individual control per room and a different desired temperature in each zone. The remote control also incorporates a weekly timer which maximizes flexibility and user comfort.
  • The vertical auto-orientation function automatically moves the fins up and down to ensure uniform air distribution throughout the room.

Underfloor heating

When rehabilitating existing buildings, we often want to incorporate underfloor heating as well. Many conventional systems are complex and expensive. At Climanova we install underfloor heating systems for existing houses and buildings that can be installed quickly and cost-effectively.

Enjoy a pleasant and constant air-conditioning of your rooms with underfloor heating systems.

calefaccion suelo radiante

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