Heat pump heating in Marbella

instalacion aerotermia en marbella

Climanova carries out heat pump heating installations in Marbella. We bet on the best brands: Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi. You can contact us for information or a quote. Below we explain some keys about this great technology for home climatization.

We have been installing these air-conditioning systems for years, and it is very gratifying for the satisfaction of our customers and because we contribute to the care of the environment. The European Union considers them to be renewable energies and they are very versatile because the same appliance covers the needs of air conditioning, heating and hot water for your home.

If your home is currently heated by electricity or a combustion system, find out more about air heat pump in Marbella. The major brands are committed to this technology and have developed very efficient systems such as Panasonic Aquarea, Daikin Altherma and Mitsubishi Electric ECODAN.

What it is and how heat pump works

If you want to know how the aerothermia works , then we explain you what it is and how it works in an easy and simple way. In essence, it is a heat pump that uses the heat energy from the air to heat domestic hot water, swimming pool water and home heating systems.

An outdoor unit must be installed that will absorb the ambient air, extract the heat and transfer it to the heating circuit. This circuit can send heat to the radiators in the rooms and bathrooms, heat the floor thanks to underfloor heating systems, provide hot water to the whole house, and can even heat the pool water to extend the bathing season.

Due to the humidity, on the Costa del Sol in winter you can feel very cold. However, if you equip a house with underfloor heating and radiators in the different rooms you can spend a very pleasant autumn and winter.

This technology has been on the market for years, it is more than consolidated and we know that it is very effective. It is also a clean and renewable energy because it simply uses air and water.

Advantages of heat pump heating in Marbella

The heat pump heating has multiple advantages, that’s why its use is spreading. As we have seen it has many applications that cover practically all the heating needs of a home.

Unlike other heating systems, with heat pump we do not need any type of fuel. It is a very clean energy, without emissions, which only requires air, water and some electricity. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly heating system, aerothermy is one of the best and most complete.

The maintenance is practically zero, unless some problem arises or it is necessary to carry out a revision, once installed the equipment practically it is possible to forget it. In fact they are very quiet systems, so you don’t have to hear the noise of any machine either.

Heat pump heating Opinions

Some clients ask us if heat pump or geothermal energy, solar energy or any other system is better. There are several systems to heat the home and Climanova can advise you depending on your needs and budget. Undoubtedly the opinions of the heat pump are very positive, really a great saving is achieved in the electricity bill.

Compared to conventional heating systems, our customers have met their expectations for energy savings and are continually telling us how satisfied they are that they have made the change. If you wish, we can put you in contact with someone to tell you about their experience.

If you have more questions or want a personalized quote contact us today. One of our technicians will visit your home, inform you about the most suitable options for your home and we will make you a personalized installation quote without obligation.

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