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Mitsubishi Ecodan - Malaga

If you are looking for a heating, air conditioning and hot water system for your home, the air source heat pump with Mitsubishi Ecodan can be the perfect solution. A single unit controls everything, it is powered by the outside air, requires hardly any maintenance and consumes very little electricity. In Malaga we have been installing this equipment for several years, we explain you how it works and its advantages.

Fossil fuels are finite, we know they will run out sooner or later. We know that renewable energies are the future and we must bet on them. A heating and hot water system for the home that runs on renewable energy is the ideal solution.

What is ECODAN?

ECODAN is a technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric for home heating. It is a very efficient heating system that works with an aerothermic heat pump. This type of system is very respectful with the environment, in fact in Europe they are classified as renewable energy.

In the last decades large investments have been made in research and development. As a result, heat pump technology is becoming increasingly efficient. Major brands in the industry, such as Mitsubishi, market products such as ECODAN. A reliable, simple and energy-saving system that fits into any home.

These systems are more technologically advanced but much simpler than traditional ones, they consume less and hardly require any maintenance.

How much does it cost? Well, it is necessary to make a budget to measure but, to get an idea, if we compare it with the cost of other combustion-based heat sources, ECODAN allows to recover the investment in about four years. For any consumer it is a strategy to save on energy consumption in a few years.

It is not a magic solution, simply takes advantage of technological advances to extract heat from the outside air, therefore free and inexhaustible, and making a very low consumption of electricity is able to provide cold or heat inside the home.

Advantages of Mitsubishi ECODAN air source heat pump

We know from our experience and the reputation of Mitsubishi Ecodan that it is state-of-the-art technology and quality. This Japanese technology company has extensive experience in the manufacture of premium air conditioning systems.

Linking air conditioning systems to an air-source heat pump is a great idea. These are the main advantages of ECODAN:

  • Designed for aerothermal heating: The company has designed and developed all this technology specifically for air source heat pump heating, with the idea of getting the most out of it. It is a system designed specifically for heating by means of a hydraulic circuit.
  • Customised compressors: Depending on the capacity of the outdoor unit, Mitsubishi Electric provides suitable compressors to avoid lack or excess power.
  • Wide temperature range: The compressor can be started with water at about 7°C without the need for a preheating resistor. When the heat pump is at full capacity, it can boost the water up to 60°C also without a resistor.
  • High efficiency: With the exception of hybrid systems, ECODAN offers the highest energy category for low temperature heating (35°C) and medium temperature heating (55°C). Furthermore, the production of domestic hot water (DHW) has the highest category and amazing recovery times.
  • Easy to use: As we have commented ECODAN takes advantage of the latest technological advances to facilitate its handling. It is capable of managing the system to offer maximum comfort while making a very low energy consumption.

Air source heat pump installation with Mitsubishi ECODAN

In Climanova we have a wide experience in the installation of air source heat pump with Mitsubishi ECODAN. As we can see in the diagram above it consists of three essential elements: the exterior unit, the interior unit and the closed circuit with refrigerant.

The outdoor unit produces the energy that we then use to cool the interior of the house, or to heat through low temperature radiators, underfloor heating, as well as the running water that we use to shower or wash the dishes.

Ecodan works with an air source heat pump, a system that is quite easy to understand. In essence it captures the heat energy in the outside air to produce either heat or cold, but what happens when the temperature drops? When it is cold outside the system remains effective, even in temperatures below -20°C. The key is that the cooling gas it uses is at a much lower temperature.

HVAC systems play with the temperature changes of the refrigerant gases to produce either heat or cold. If the refrigerant gas is always colder than the outside air, the system can always operate.

In fact, air-source heat pump systems are well established in Scandinavian countries, where the climate is clearly much colder than in the rest of Europe.

In short, in the long term they are more profitable options, i.e. they require a higher initial investment but within a few years we are already beginning to notice that we spend much less on energy. They are modern, more efficient and intelligent systems.

If you would like an estimate of how much you can save by switching to an air source heat pump system with Mitsubishi Ecodan, call us today or submit the form below. We will be happy to carry out a personalised study and resolve any doubts.

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