Underfloor cooling with aerothermics

Suelo radiante refrescante con aerotermia

Thinking of installing an air conditioning system at home? We explain to you what underfloor cooling with aerothermal energy is, which is becoming a very attractive option due to its numerous advantages, both for heating and cooling in the home. If you need more personalised advice, please contact us.

What is aerothermal floor cooling?

Aerothermal underfloor cooling is an air-conditioning system that uses aerothermal energy as a source of energy to cool the water that circulates through pipes installed under the floor of the house.

This system is an efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

During the winter, hot water circulates through the underfloor heating pipes to heat the house. During the summer, cold water circulates through the same pipes to cool the house. In addition, the heat pump used by the underfloor heating system can also provide domestic hot water.

Advantages of aerothermics in underfloor heating/cooling

The use of aerothermal energy in underfloor heating/cooling has several advantages, among which we find:

  • Greater energy efficiency. Aerothermal energy is a very efficient and environmentally friendly technology. It uses the energy contained in the air to generate heat or cold inside the home. In addition, when combined with underfloor heating/cooling, greater energy efficiency is achieved, as it uses water as a means of transporting heat.
  • Thermal comfort. Underfloor heating with aerothermal energy provides a smooth and uniform climate, which adapts to the needs of each room. As it does not produce draughts, it avoids the sensation of dryness in the atmosphere, which increases comfort.
  • Cost reduction. The use of aerothermal energy in underfloor heating/cooling reduces air conditioning costs compared to other heating or cooling systems, as it uses a renewable energy source and does not emit polluting gases.
  • Versatility. Although we are talking about underfloor cooling, this system with aerothermal energy can be used both in winter and summer, as it allows both heating and cooling of the rooms.
  • Low maintenance. Once the piping circuit and the heat pump are installed, it hardly requires any maintenance, as is the case with solar panels.

The disadvantage of this type of air-conditioning system is that the installation cost can be higher than other air-conditioning systems, but the long-term savings are more than worth it.

How is it installed?

At Climanova we carry out an exhaustive installation process, making sure that everything is in accordance with our clients’ needs. These are the main steps to carry out this type of installation:

  1. System design. The first thing we do is to design the underfloor cooling system with aerothermal energy, considering the size, location and number of pipes required.
  2. Surface preparation. The surface where the underfloor heating will be installed must be level and clean. If there are irregularities, they are levelled before starting the installation.
  3. Installation of the air source heat pump. The heat pump is installed outside the building or house and connected to the underfloor heating/cooling through pipes.
  4. Underfloor heating/cooling installation. The pipes are laid in a circuit under the floor and fixed with special clips.
  5. Connecting the system. Once the underfloor heating/cooling and the air source heat pump are installed, both devices are connected by means of pipes and valves.

The installation of underfloor heating with aerothermal energy is a complex process that requires the experience and knowledge of professionals. If you are interested in installing this type of system in your home or business, and you need advice and an installation with all the guarantees, contact our specialists using the form below.

Is it advisable to install underfloor cooling in a coastal location?

If you are renovating or building a house on the coast, you may be considering installing underfloor heating. This can certainly be a good option, but it is essential to bear in mind the need to control humidity levels to avoid condensation.

The problem we encounter in coastal areas is humidity. If the air saturation point (i.e. humidity) in these spaces can be controlled, it is undoubtedly one of the best air-conditioning systems for a single-family home.

Thanks to this control, we achieve maximum efficiency and comfort, without having problems of condensation on the floor.

Installation in Marbella and Estepona

Are you thinking of installing an air conditioning system for your home? At Climanova we work with the best brands to offer the best guarantees, the most efficient and long-lasting equipment. Aerothermics for cooling floors has become one of the best air conditioning systems for the home.

Its installation cost exceeds that of a traditional system, but the consumption characteristics of this technology in the long run allows great savings both for the low maintenance costs and for the low electricity consumption, which can even be supplied with photovoltaic panels.

If you would like to know the cost of installing underfloor cooling in your home, contact us today using the following form. Taking into account your needs and the characteristics of your home, we will prepare an estimate without obligation.

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