Ventilation system and heat recovery

Sistema de ventilación y recuperador de calor

If you need a ventilation system for your home or business in Malaga, Climanova can advise you, carry out a complete study and install the equipment you need. We can also complete it with a heat recovery system to increase the level of energy efficiency.

What is the function of the ventilation system?

A ventilation system is very important, and in fact mandatory depending on the space or activity to be developed, as it provides air to the installation in a certain volume and quality to avoid health problems.

Naturally, when it comes to hospitals, clinics, laboratories or nurseries, the level of demand will be higher. But it is also essential to maintain good air quality in offices, classrooms in schools, gyms, communal areas or any commercial space.

It is worth investing in this technology for any business. Visiting a bar, restaurant, office or gym where the air is clean is much more pleasant. Moreover, from a business point of view, it will reduce absenteeism, both due to respiratory diseases and allergy problems.

Ventilation systems, according to the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE in spanish), must meet a series of technical requirements in terms of energy efficiency and safety. This regulation applies to new construction as well as to renovations of dwellings or any other use where there is human activity.

These systems can be complemented with a heat recovery system. If you have heard of them but are not sure what their function is, we explain it below.

What does a heat recovery unit do?

Heat recovery is a technology that provides multiple benefits. It helps to renew the indoor air, adjusts the temperature and saves a great deal of energy.

To achieve these three benefits it first uses a fan to extract the warmer indoor air from the room. This air then passes through the heat recovery unit, where it exchanges its temperature with the cold air coming from outside (they do not mix because they use parallel circuits). This means that the system needs much less energy to heat the air coming from outside.

As you can see, the concept is very simple, but also very efficient, as it allows up to 60% of the heat to be recovered and can reduce energy consumption by around 40%. If you want to have more precise data, call us or send the contact form so that we can make a personalised study.

The heat recovery unit can be used all year round, as in the winter months we use the hot air from inside to heat the air we bring in from outside. On the other hand, during the summer months we can make the system work the other way round, using the air that we have already cooled inside to reduce the temperature of the new air that comes in hot from outside.

These units have good thermal and acoustic insulation to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency and not generate annoying noises. They can control air humidity levels and, naturally, they also have filters to improve air quality and block pollutants (dust, pollen and other harmful microorganisms).

Types of heat recovery units

Depending on the function to be performed, several types of heat recovery units can be distinguished:

  • Thermal heat recovery units, which recover only the heat from the indoor air, offer efficiencies of up to 70%.
  • Enthalpy heat recovery units achieve higher performance because they recover heat and correct the humidity in the air. In summer they can cool and remove humidity from the air, and in winter they can heat it and provide humidity.
  • Decentralised heat recovery systems are compact systems that can be ideal for retrofitting as they avoid the need to refurbish the air intake ductwork.

If the current regulations require you to have a ventilation system or you simply wish to equip your home or business with this technology, Climanova can advise you, we have extensive experience carrying out this type of installation in the area of Mijas, Marbella and Estepona.

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