How to improve air quality at home

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In our daily routine, between home and work, we spend most of our time indoors. While we worry about air quality in our cities, we often overlook the impact of indoor air quality on our health. Improving air quality at home or at work is not simply a convenience, it is an absolute necessity for physical and mental well-being.

To give you an idea, we inhale an average of 15,000 litres of air every day, and much of that time is spent inside buildings. The quality of that air, which can contain a variety of pollutants, has a direct impact on our short- and long-term health. From allergies to more serious respiratory problems. The air we breathe indoors is a key determinant of our well-being.

If this topic interests you, here are some easy-to-implement tips that can make a big difference to your air quality. Conscious air renewal is not only a health measure, but also an investment in our own living space. At Climanova we are experts in solutions for healthier environments.

Tips for improving air quality at home

Here are up to 14 recommendations that will help improve air quality at home or in your workplace:

  1. Improve ventilation: Opening windows daily for about five minutes each day significantly improves air quality. In the process of renovation we get rid of pollutants. It is not advisable to do this with active heating or air conditioning to avoid wasting energy and money.
  2. Artificial ventilation systems: In places without windows, artificial ventilation systems ensure optimal air quality in indoor rooms such as bathrooms, storerooms or basements. It is also advisable for people with allergies, as these systems are equipped with filters for dust, pollen, dust mites, etc.
  3. Indoor smoking ban: Avoiding smoking indoors is crucial to maintaining clean air. Tobacco smoke negatively affects air quality and can be harmful to health, especially in poorly ventilated areas.
  4. Integrate plants indoors: Choose plants such as areca palm, poto, sansevieria or ferns. They generate oxygen and act as natural air purifiers, improving both the quality and aesthetics of the home.
  5. Textiles and materials: Opting for textiles made of natural fibres, such as cotton or linen, reduces the release of chemicals. Regular vacuuming to remove dust and dust mites contributes to healthy air.
  6. Avoid aerosols and chemicals: Reduce the use of aerosols and choose environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as vinegar or baking soda. This avoids the release of volatile organic compounds that are harmful to health and the environment.
  7. Clear spaces: Reducing unnecessary objects minimises the accumulation of dust and dust mites, improving indoor air quality.
  8. Control moisture: It is very important to avoid moisture in walls and ceilings to prevent respiratory and skin problems. Simple measures such as using dehumidifiers and washing bedding regularly are effective.
  9. Regular cleaning: Removing dust and frequent cleaning reduces the presence of particles that can trigger respiratory problems and allergies.
  10. Appliance maintenance: Checking the proper functioning of appliances and heating systems ensures their efficiency and prevents the release of pollutants.
  11. Using the extractor fan when cooking: It sounds simple, but many people avoid them because of the noise. However, turning on the extractor fan when cooking helps to remove contaminants and reduces humidity in the home.
  12. Carbon monoxide detectors: Installing carbon monoxide detectors is very important. It is also recommended to avoid the use of gas appliances to prevent health risks.
  13. Choice of furniture and paints: Many people overlook this, but opting for furniture, decorations and paints low in volatile organic compounds contributes to a healthier environment.
  14. Air purifier: Using an air purifier is an effective measure to keep indoor air clean, especially in poorly ventilated areas.

Installation of ventilation systems in Marbella

In the vibrant city of Marbella, where the sun and the sea breeze mix to create a unique environment, it is a shame that the air quality in our indoor spaces is not good.

At Climanova, we understand that health and wellbeing begins with the air we breathe. That’s why we are proud to offer comprehensive solutions for the installation of smart ventilation systems. Every space is unique, and our ventilation solutions are designed to suit the specific needs of your home or workplace in Marbella.

Whether it’s a family residence, a dynamic office, a gym, a restaurant or any other type of activity. We offer customised installations to maximise efficiency and health benefits. We are also committed to systems that not only improve air quality, but are also energy efficient.

Contact us today to find out how we can transform your space in Marbella with our state-of-the-art ventilation systems – live and work in healthier environments with Climanova!

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