Intelligent ventilation systems with high energy efficiency

Sistemas de ventilación inteligente con alta eficiencia energética

To enjoy good indoor air quality it is essential to have a good filtration system. It will help us to maintain a pure indoor air free of dust, pollen, bacteria and all kinds of pollutants in general.

Ventilation systems are recommended for both home and business use. There is no doubt that avoiding health problems caused by pollution, dust or seasonal allergies helps to improve the environment and even productivity.

For example, a gym or an office where everyone can breathe clean air is much more pleasant. We also avoid reduced training attendance or absenteeism due to allergies or air quality related illnesses.

In addition, in times of coronavirus it is highly recommended to use ventilation systems, at home for those who have to be confined due to a positive family member, or at work to reduce the risk of contagion.

Ventilation system to prevent the Coronavirus

The COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of doing business for many companies and their employees. In this new reality, prevention is essential. Apart from personal protective equipment, one of the most effective methods to stop the coronavirus is intelligent ventilation systems.

Since the spring of 2020 we have received many queries about ventilation systems for COVID 19. It is something new and it is normal that questions arise, these are some of the most common:

  • Is it advisable to use ventilation equipment to prevent Coronavirus? Without doubt, many homes, workplaces and other institutions such as schools, nurseries or retirement homes have opted to install such equipment. It is recommended to ventilate enclosed spaces to remove stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air. Health authorities agree that proper ventilation reduces the transmission of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.
  • Can Coronavirus enter from outside through the ventilation system? No, because ventilation equipment has air filters that retain the micro-droplets carrying the virus.
  • In such a case, could the virus reproduce in the filter? No, because the virus is unable to replicate outside its host and there is no organic material in the filters to allow it to survive. Basically it is like putting a mask on the air intake of your home or business.
  • Should I change filters more frequently during the pandemic? Rather than frequent replacement, safe handling of the filter is recommended, i.e. using masks, gloves and washing hands when finished.

Ventilation and air treatment systems

If you are interested in installing a ventilation system, please contact us. We can offer you solutions for individual extraction of stale air and air renewal in multi-family houses, single-family houses, hotels, commercial premises, offices, educational centres, etc.

There are also more advanced dual-flow systems that ensure air quality and also help to maintain the temperature in both summer and winter. This way you can enjoy a stable temperature all year round and clean air without excess humidity or dryness.

At Climanova we have extensive experience installing this type of equipment, carrying out a preliminary study to adapt it to the client’s needs and budget, and incorporating the latest technology for its advantages and high energy efficiency.

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