Air conditioning with refrigerant R32 in Malaga

aire acondicionado con r32

An air conditioner with R32 refrigerant is greener, more efficient and more economical. In this article we explain each of these advantages, but if you have any questions please contact us.

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Should I buy an air conditioner with R32 refrigerant?

The R32 for refrigeration equipment is the present and the future, as it respects the limits set for the coming years in terms of global warming potential. It also significantly exceeds the refrigerant gases that have been used in key aspects.

For more than five years now, air conditioning units can be purchased that operate with R32 refrigerant. The manufacturers, taking into account European and Spanish regulations in recent years, are also moving in this direction, so the decision seems clear.

If your equipment is currently running on another refrigerant, such as R410 A, you should be aware that it cannot be recharged with R32. The technology is not the same and therefore must be replaced by equipment specially designed to work with this gas. We must also clarify that R32 is not a new refrigerant, since it was previously used mixed at 50% with R125 to produce R410 A, the difference is that it is now used in a pure form, without mixing it.

Differences between refrigerant R32 and R410 A

Regulations on refrigerants that affect the ozone layer and global warming are updated every few years. At present, the R32 is imposed on air conditioning equipment compared to the R410 A that we have been using.

Let’s look at some of the differences between the two refrigerants:

  1. R32 is a pure refrigerant: If the R410 A combines R32 and R125, now the R32 is used without mixing, so it is easier to recycle and treat.
  2. Requires less gas: Uses 30% less refrigerant per charge.
  3. The R32 is cheaper: both the taxes and the final price are lower than the R410 A.
  4. The R32 has a higher cooling capacity in normal conditions.
  5. Lower GWP index: R410 A basically triples the global warming potential of R32.
  6. Allows recharging: Although it is not usual, if a refrigerant gas leakage occurs in the equipment, the R32 allows recharging. However, if an installation works with R410 A we will not have this possibility.

In short, just as the refrigerant R410 A replaced the more polluting R22, R32 is now gaining ground because it is less harmful to global warming. In fact, the complete transition must take place by 2030.

With these goals on the horizon the main brands are ceasing to manufacture equipment with R410 A to use A2L group refrigerants like R32 instead. So if you are going to install a new air conditioning unit, better choose one that uses this refrigerant.

Advantages of using R32 in air conditioning

R32 is methylene fluoride (difluoromethane), a chemical compound with the formula CH2F2. Its characteristics make it ideal for refrigeration equipment and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of R32 refrigerant:

  • Ecological: as it is a pure gas it is easier to recycle and reuse, it does not damage the ozone layer and as we have mentioned it has less influence on global warming.
  • Efficient: this is a more efficient type of refrigerant, which means it consumes less energy than those used up to now, which translates into savings on electricity bills.
  • Safe: The safety rating of the R32 is A2L, what does this mean? It means it’s low flammability and low toxicity. In order for the R32 refrigerant to burn, three situations must occur at the same time: a gas leak, in an enclosed space where a concentration of 0.307kg/m3 is reached, and a fire flame (one spark is not enough).

In summary, this refrigerant is adapted both to user needs and to the requirements set by the European Union for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy consumption.

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