How to choose an air conditioner

Cómo elegir un aire acondicionado

The first question that many individuals face is how to choose an air conditioner. It depends on a number of factors, starting with the cubic metres of the room or whether it is a passage area or more for spending time, such as a living room.

What at first glance seems as easy as going to a large department store or shopping centre and choosing the machine you like best, should actually be done in a more sensible way, or at least that is our recommendation as professionals.

Going to a Bricomart, Carrefour or Media Markt, for example, seems to be cheaper. The truth is that whether you like it or not, you end up falling into their marketing strategies and you end up buying a machine that is worth little, but in every way, and that also consumes a lot and possibly has a shorter life cycle.

We help you choose your air conditioner

Instead of taking the purchase of air conditioning lightly, the ideal is to contact an installation company to come and evaluate the areas of the house that we want to air-condition and the use we are going to give it.

At Climanova we carry out these previous studies to be able to advise our clients better. This is undoubtedly one of the keys to achieving satisfied customers.

If we start by buying the machines, we may later be surprised to find that the type of installation is not the right one. For example, you are looking for a split system and it turns out that a cassette system is more suitable. Or perhaps the model we have purchased does not have enough power or does not cover all our needs.

Since we are going to make an investment, it is better to make it wisely and avoid mistakes. At Climanova we work with the best brands (Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu, among others) to offer the most efficient equipment and the best guarantees.

From experience we know for sure that it is much better to carry out a small preliminary study. This way, all the key aspects are taken into account, such as the square metres we want to air-condition or the use we are going to make of it. This way you will be able to choose from a smaller range of options, but one that fits your budget and your real needs.

Which air conditioner do I need?

A common mistake is to choose among the cheapest brands or models, and to overlook the level of energy efficiency. Of course the purchase is cheaper, but in the long run the machines last less time and consume more electricity.

And we are not talking about small amounts, A+++ air conditioners from the best brands can save you up to 60% of energy consumption, and with good maintenance the equipment will last for decades, it’s as simple as that.

Price should not be a key factor when choosing an air conditioner, especially nowadays with easy access to financing and personal loans.

Apart from the energy efficiency level, another relevant feature to look at is the power of the air conditioner. The power can be expressed in Watts or BTU.

Remember that we are in Malaga, here we can have very hot and humid days from May to September. If you buy a unit that does not have enough power you are going to have a bad time. It is also advisable to take into account the orientation of your house, it is not the same for a house facing north as it is for a totally exposed house facing southwest.

Finally, although there are other important characteristics, we must pay attention to the air flow. This characteristic measures the amount of air per unit of time that is capable of acclimatising. It is most commonly measured in m3/h.

In short, if we have to prioritise between energy efficiency, price, power or airflow, price is undoubtedly the least important.

Air conditioning with installation

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