Installation of solar thermosyphon equipment in Malaga

If you live in Malaga you have probably seen a solar thermosyphon system on the roof of a house. It is a set formed by a tank and at least one or two solar panels. This very peculiar system is actually very interesting, as it provides domestic hot water thanks to solar energy.

At Climanova we work with the best brands, we can carry out fully customised installations or install a fairly simple thermosyphon solar kit, like the one you see in the photo, so that you can start enjoying free hot water as soon as possible.

What is a thermosyphon

To understand how this system works let’s start with the basics, what a thermosyphon is. In fact, I’m sure you learnt something about thermal draft or the thermosyphon effect at school or high school. The idea is that when a fluid is heated it expands, decreases in density and rises.

In practice, this is how the draught in a chimney works, or why in a fluid the hot water rises and rises above the cooler water.

In the construction world, the thermosyphon effect must also be taken into account when thinking about air conditioning.

For example, in cold climates, lower ceilings and ventilation through the lower part of the windows are recommended, so that the heat is retained and reaches the people. In warm climates, on the other hand, it is advisable to opt for high ceilings and to ventilate the rooms through the upper part of the windows.

equipo termosifónHow a solar thermosyphon works

If we apply the theory to a solar thermosyphon system, we have a system of pipes that pass through the solar thermal panel and connect to a storage tank, which must always be higher. This cylinder-shaped accumulator has a water tank inside it, where the hot water we are going to use is stored.

This is because the system actually works with two independent circuits. On the one hand, the house water circuit that takes fresh water to the lower part of the tank and extracts hot water from the upper part. On the other hand, there is a continuous circuit that heats the storage tank. This pipe system passes through the solar panels and gradually heats the water in the tank.

With this double circuit, the solar water heating system is much more efficient and allows us to enjoy free hot water all year round. Because this system in its most basic format only needs solar energy.

How many litres of hot water do they accumulate?

With Climanova you can choose the size of the water tank, maybe 100 is enough, but there are other larger ones of 200 or 300 litres for example.

In addition, these systems can be equipped with a vertical or horizontal hot water tank. A vertical tank takes up less space but has a greater temperature difference between the top and bottom of the tank, more than 10 degrees Celsius.

Horizontal storage tanks, on the other hand, although there is a temperature difference inside the tank, it is usually less than five degrees, so the hot water is stored at a more homogeneous temperature. In short, better use is made of the space in the tank.

Installation of solar panels with thermosyphon

As you can see it is an ingenious but very simple system to obtain hot water at a very low cost, practically free. This is the reason why many detached and semi-detached houses in Malaga have opted for this solution for decades.

If you want to have one of these at home, contact Climanova, we are experts in the installation of solar panels with thermosiphon. We work with the best brands to offer the highest quality and the best guarantee conditions for our customers.

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