Choosing the best air conditioning system

Elección del mejor sistema de aire acondicionado

Here are the seven tips on how to choose the best air conditioning system for your home or business. As you will see, it makes a lot of sense to follow these steps and adjust them to your needs and budget. To do this, we’ll start with your actual needs, and then go through all the important details. If you have any questions contact us today.

Assess your needs

Before making a decision, consider your specific needs. Determine the size of the room or space you wish to air condition, as well as any special requirements, such as the presence of allergies, heat sources, insulation problems or the need for quiet operation.

The best thing to do is to carry out a study, that is to say, you call us, we arrange an appointment, we evaluate the space to be air-conditioned and your requirements, to finally carry out a study and a personalised estimate.

Take advantage of this appointment to raise all the doubts that arise in your head. We are all ears and we love to explain to the customer all the advantages provided by the systems we install.

Energy efficiency

Our recommendation is always to opt for an air conditioning system with a high energy efficiency rating. It may be a little more expensive than the cheaper alternative we give you, but it pays off in the long run. We offer equipment with energy certification, such as the European energy label, which indicates low energy consumption and optimum performance.

In addition, whenever possible, the ideal is to combine air conditioning systems with renewable energies such as photovoltaic or air source heat pump. These systems require a considerable initial investment, but have a very long service life and require very little maintenance. If you have the space or the possibility of financing or subsidising these technologies, take the step and you will be less dependent on market price fluctuations.

Type of system

There are different types of air conditioning systems, such as split, multisplit or ducted to give some examples. On site, when we meet you in the space you want to air-condition, we will make our first recommendations. If you have any questions, don’t keep them to yourself, find out all the characteristics, both advantages and disadvantages in order to make a conscious decision.

For the same space there are often multiple solutions, then the customer’s preferences, legal requirements or the customer’s budget come into play.

For example, there are ventilation systems that are essential in certain businesses to renew the air, but sometimes the owner may want to install them to enjoy better air quality even if he is not obliged to do so. A house can be well air-conditioned with split systems, but perhaps the homeowner prefers to opt for ducts, even though it may be necessary to carry out building work.

Cooling capacity

Be careful with this if you live in Marbella or Estepona, as depending on the orientation of your home or business, as well as the thermal insulation, even if you install an air conditioning system that is theoretically adequate for the square metres, when in the month of July or August it gets 35 and even 40 degrees the system may not be able to cool as you wish.

Make sure you choose a system with the right cooling capacity for your space. If you don’t know, don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. We will carry out a detailed study so that you can choose between several options.

Honestly, if you opt for a unit that is too small or just enough, it will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature. On the other hand, if you decide to install one that is too large, you will spend money unnecessarily both on the purchase and on energy consumption.

The best air conditioning system is not the most expensive one, but the one that best suits your needs. And keeping this premise in mind, there are always multiple options.

Additional functions and features

The functions and features offered by the big brands are not by chance. They are the result of decades of experience and incorporating customer feedback to provide the best possible HVAC experience.

Examine the additional features that each system offers, such as operating modes (energy saving mode or night mode), scheduling functions, remote control, high quality air filters, and more. These features can improve the comfort and efficiency of the system.

No doubt these additional options will be reflected in the price, but they are really worth it. They make your life more comfortable and enjoyable, save on electricity and improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Quality and brand

Choose equipment from well-known and reliable brands on the market. Of course they will be more expensive, but the quality of parts, software and electronics is different. Nobody gives anything away for free and the better known brands usually have better warranty services, spare parts and technical support.

If you really need to adjust your budget, based on our experience we can recommend equipment from lesser known brands that we know are not giving problems and have good technology. But as a general rule, we recommend choosing among the best known and most efficient brands.

Professional installation

Make sure you hire an experienced and authorised professional to carry out the installation of the air conditioning system. This seems logical, but unfortunately it is common to find installations carried out by people who are not qualified and who also disappear after a while (they change their telephone number, address, business name, etc.).

A correct installation is essential to guarantee optimum operation and a long service life of the equipment. If you want to install the best air conditioning system for your home or business, contact us today.

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