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The air source heat pumps are the latest novelty in low consumption water heaters. A more efficient solution than solar panels and with a much lower installation cost.

Nowadays, with energy efficiency, energy savings are increasingly sought. In many homes that do not know very well how to reduce electricity consumption the solution is the installation of heat pump water heater. These equipments can achieve a reduction of up to 75% of energy savings for hot water production in our home.

How heat pumps water heater work

These water heaters work like air source heat pump systems, which use energy from the outside air to heat water. These water heaters reach energy classes of A+, compared to electric water heaters, which have an energy class of B at most.

These can be found in different types, adapting to virtually any current installation, whether electric water heaters or gas or butane boilers.

The great advantage of heat pumps for hot water is that they achieve maximum energy efficiency and savings of 75% compared to conventional electric water heaters.

Their minimal power consumption makes them the perfect solution when only domestic hot water needs to be produced.

The programming options available can allow us to save a lot in costs. If we use the hourly discrimination of our electricity tariff, we can accumulate heat in the hours of lower cost.

With heat pumps we can dispense with electric water heaters and enjoy hot water throughout our home, in the most efficient way possible, respecting the environment and saving on costs and maintenance.

Solar thermal panels or heat pumps water heater?

This is a good question, to heat the water we use at home or in our businesses we must use renewable energy. Two possible solutions are solar thermal panels and heat pumps, but which one is better?

It is very simple, usually solar panels provide around 40% of the demand for domestic hot water, while a heat pump water heater has the capacity to provide 100% of the demand.

It would be necessary to evaluate the level of consumption, but for single-family houses it can be the best solution. Especially when it comes to assessing costs, in the case of solar thermal panels, an installation with a pair of panels can exceed 5,000 euros. On the other hand, the installation of an air source heat pump reduces costs by half.

Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to the installation of solar thermal panels. In Climanova we offer both types of solutions to produce hot water with low power consumption in homes and businesses, so we can advise and install the option that best suits your needs or preferences.

Installation of low consumption water heater

As you can see in the photos, the installation consists of a combination of a storage tank and a low power heat pump. What this technology achieves is to take advantage of the outside air temperature as a source of renewable energy to heat the water in the tank.

Thanks to something theoretically so simple, spectacular savings in electricity consumption are achieved. We are talking about between 50% and 75% savings in electricity consumption.

If you already have an electric water heater or a gas water heater, the compact heat pump water heater models are the perfect substitute. There are hardly any installation changes to be made and you avoid having to install solar panels outside.

This type of solutions are valid for renovations and of course for new construction. If you wish, we can make a study of the savings that it supposes to install a heat pump and in how much time you are going to amortize it taking into account your current consumption.

In Climanova we are specialists in the installation of low consumption water heaters in Malaga. If you need an installation company in Malaga, Marbella or Estepona, contact us and ask for an estimate without obligation.

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