Air Source Heat Pump with Panasonic Aquarea in Malaga

Instalador Panasonic Aquarea en Malaga

Air Source Heat Pump with Panasonic Aquarea is up to 5 times more efficient than a traditional heating system. This renewable energy system gets most of its energy from the air and drastically reduces electricity consumption.

It is a technology whose basic principle is to obtain heat from the air and transfer it to the refrigerant. The refrigerant gas is always much colder than the outside air, so that even if it is -15 degrees outside, the air source heat pump system continues to produce heat that we transfer to the inside of the house.

An air source heat pump can also provide cold air. Thanks to the compressors this system is perfectly valid for cooling a home or business during the warmer months.

Advantages of the Panasonic Aquarea system

One of the main benefits for the owner is energy efficiency. It is true that an initial investment must be made, but based on your regular consumption we can calculate exactly when you will have amortized your investment and start saving money on your electricity bill.

The air source heat pump systems that we have installed with Panasonic Aquarea in Malaga are up to 70% more efficient than other heating systems, and even five times more efficient than fossil fuel heating systems (and also avoid odors). If you care about the environment, you will certainly be interested in air source heat pump, you can call us and we will inform you without obligation.

Perhaps you did not know, but if we take into account that in autumn and winter more than 60% of electricity expenditure is usually for heating and domestic water heating, in any home the savings at the end of the year can be considerable, around 1000 euros per year or even more.

Another great advantage of Panasonic Aquarea is the level of comfort, since it arrived in Spain in 2010 many homeowners have already discovered how pleasant it is not to worry about temperature control at home. It is simply programmed to maintain a stable temperature, or to vary slightly depending on the time spent at home, and forget about being hot or cold.

Panasonic Aquarea All in One. Compact and easy to install

The Aquarea range has a wide variety of units, so the customer can choose the most suitable option for their home. The most complete and advanced option is the Panasonic Aquarea All in One, the new generation of Panasonic heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Panasonic Aquarea All in One en Malaga

It is a highly efficient, fast and easy to install home solution. It has a modern design and saves a lot of space, so much so that it can be installed in a kitchen, laundry room or garage. Its measurements in millimeters are 1800 high x 598 wide x 717 deep. It is a Panasonic technology equipment with a top quality stainless steel tank with a capacity of 200 liters and a 10-year warranty.

Panasonic Aquarea for new construction in Málaga

Traditionally in Malaga many homes lacked good insulation and insufficient heating systems. As a result, during the winter months in Malaga homes can be very cold due to the high humidity level of the coast.

By checking the insulation of the home and equipping it with an air conditioning system such as Panasonic Aquarea a home can be much more comfortable. These intelligent systems can maintain a stable temperature throughout the year with highly efficient energy consumption.

They also rely on home automation systems to allow centralized or remote management of air conditioning. That is, from any mobile device or tablet you can modify the temperature of each room and program it according to your needs.

If you have a new construction project in hand, contact Climanova. We can advise you and perform the entire installation of Aerotermia with Panasonic Aquarea. We are located in Marbella, but we serve the entire Costa del Sol.

Panasonic Aquarea in home renovations

If you are going to renovate a house and want to install an efficient heating system, air source heat pump with Panasonic Aquarea is one of the best options. We evaluate the possibilities on site to offer you various air conditioning solutions: duct system, fan coils, underfloor heating, low temperature radiators, etc.

Naturally, this type of project is easier in new construction, because we can plan the installation with greater freedom. However, Panasonic has a catalog of products that adapt perfectly to the requirements of any reform, such as a false ceiling with little space, or the reuse of pipes or radiators.

In Climanova we have more than 10 years of experience, we adjust to your budget and the possibilities that arise with the reform.

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