Underfloor heating installation in Marbella

Underfloor heating installation in Marbella

Proyecto Description

Underfloor heating drastically reduces electricity consumption and increases comfort in the home. It is a slow thermal inertia heating system that uses the entire floor as a heat source.

The operation of a radiant floor is very simple. By means of a network of pipes we heat the floor and a small layer of mortar of several centimetres. The pipes go to a collector box where the regulation and flow control elements are located.

These systems allow us to control the temperature level in each room of the house. Nowadays there are mobile applications and voice assistants that allow to easily manage the air conditioning of the house.

The installation of underfloor heating is not complex and is very safe as long as it is carried out by an approved company. In accordance with current regulations and for the sake of comfort, the temperature of the floor will not exceed 29º.

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