Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

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Malaga is one of the cities with more hours of sunshine in Europe. For this reason it is one of the provinces that leads the self-consumption in Spain. Thanks to the drop in prices of solar panels in recent years, the installation of thermal solar panels has become available to any owner.

Andalusia enjoys more than 80% of sunny days after a year. That is why it is an ideal area to install solar panels. This inexhaustible source of energy can be used in homes and businesses to have hot water without cuts throughout the year and with significant savings in electricity bills.

Solar energy is free and sustainable, why not take advantage of it? With a minimum investment you can enjoy hot water for free.

We install high quality and high performance solar panels, with a design that minimizes the visual impact and integrates perfectly with the roofs. They are resistant to all types of weather and to the humidity of the coast and require hardly any maintenance.

In addition to the solar panels, accumulators are installed to provide hot water instantly. They are manufactured with advanced technologies that provide the greatest guarantees and minimum heat loss.

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